Using two traditions, patchwork and burel, we are committed to create unique artisanal handicraft products and innovative patterns.


The vision describes our understanding if we succeed in our mission. MAARANA - COISAS COM HISTÓRIA's vision is:

  • Making your life more colorful, bringing to all small pieces of art in the form of various techniques and products.



  • Develop sophisticated, unique and exclusive handmade products. Each piece is made with great care, each element that makes up our pieces is cut individually, followed by the study that will originate unique patterns, whether these are classic or contemporary.

The strategy to achieve our vision is implemented through the execution of actions in the following areas:

  • Research on market trends and artisan production techniques;
  • Design project that aims developing differentiation and pleasant usages;
  • Customization and adaptation of products for various applications and occasions.


The set of behavioral values ​​and principles we follow are:

  • Customer focus;
  • Innovation, creativity and confidence;
  • Reliability and professionalism;
  • Achieve substantial and lasting results.